For the love of chocolate


Our artisan chocolates are made in the Inner West, Sydney.  We sell on-line and offer pick up from Drummoyne.

Early in her career Carol established a Middle Eastern cooking school. She taught busy professionals the art of Middle Eastern Cuisine and paid homage to her culture and up-bringing. In 2008, following the birth of her first son, Carol fell in love with cake decorating. Being creatively minded and a keen learner she dived into each facet of the cake decorating process and deliciously yours was born! At that time Carol was (and still is) enjoying a career as a successful lawyer. Her motivation for starting deliciously yours stemmed from wanting to make amazing cakes and bring joy to her wonderful clients.

Carol loves teaching and wrote (and self published) her first e-book sharing her knowledge on cake decorating.

Fast forward many years later and we were all hit with this thing called the pandemic. It impacted us all differently. Whilst the crux of the pandemic years were really tough, Carol used this time to focus on extending her cake knowledge and learning something new – the science of chocolate. Carol was inspired by a close friend (who happens to be an exceptional chocolatier). Carol begun learning how to mould chocolates and fill them with ganache. She studied the science behind ganache formulations, caramels and pate de fruit (fruit jelly). This journey was rewarding and exciting as Carol begun creating her own luscious bon bons beautifully decorated with naturally coloured cocoa butter. Carol didn’t stop there! She wanted to create an exquisite plant based range and begun making her own plant based white chocolate using a melanger and refining her chocolate until it was silky smooth and had that perfect creamy texture. Learn more about Carol’s philosophy behind her plant based range here.

Carol’s love for science and chocolate merged and Carol was in her element! In 2021, deliciously yours artisan chocolate came to life and Carol launched her on-line store in 2023.

Carol is the creative force behind deliciously yours artisan chocolates.  Carol creates decadent fine chocolates using premium ingredients for that ultimate chocolate experience.
Our artisan chocolates are made in the Inner West, Sydney.  We sell on-line and offer pick up from Drummoyne.  We create chocolates to suit all lifestyle and dietary choices with chocolate options for nut free, dairy free, gluten free, plant based and vegan.  Our artisan chocolates are perfect to gift that special someone or to treat yourself.  We use premium ingredients and traditional techniques to create that ultimate chocolate experience

Our philosophy

At deliciously yours artisan chocolate we create memorable chocolate experiences for you to enjoy with your family and loved ones. We want you to remember your experience with fondness and delight: setting eyes on a beautiful gift box, opening it to marvel at the exquisite jewels within and then tasting the wonderful flavours that give you pure chocolate pleasure. We believe that passion is the secret ingredient and hand made is the only way. We pride ourselves in using Callebaut couverture chocolate and other exceptional high quality ingredients and fresh flavours.

We source locally where possible and like to engage with our suppliers and get to know them and the stories behind their products. We keep our creations free of artificial flavours, colours and preservatives because we believe that the chocolate and ingredients should stand out on their own. We know you will enjoy our chocolates as much as we love making them.

All of our chocolates are handcrafted in the Inner West, Sydney.


An extensive plant based offering

Whilst there is a huge variety of plant based chocolate on the market, most of it is dark chocolate. How wonderful would it be if all plant based chocolate lovers had more choice and variety around the chocolate they ate? Carol began experimenting with new ‘white’ plant based chocolate bars using different base ingredients to substitute for the milk in white chocolate. Imagine, plant based cookies and ‘cream’, latte, strawberry and passionfruit, nuts, dark and white swirls, caramels, inclusions galore!

After experimenting with various recipes and also running a survey with plant based consumers the deliciously yours plant based white chocolate bars were born! The ingredients are minimal, exciting, luxurious and creamy. But Carol did not stop there – she went on to study recipe formulation further and began creating her own range of plant based chocolate bon bons with ganache fillings like passionfruit and mango, caramel and decadent pralines. The deliciously yours plant based offering is extensive and exceptional and we know you will devour it and come back for more.

A word on sustainability

Our commitment is to limit our impact on the planet by using packaging that can be recycled, re-purposed or re-used. Why? Because being sustainable is good for the planet! We want you to feel good indulging on our decadent treats knowing that our packaging can be recycled, re-purposed or re-used.

At deliciously yours artisan chocolate we take pride in using Callebaut couverture chocolate which is part of the Barry Callebaut group of companies.

Barry Callebaut has strong commitments around sustainability of cocoa farming, eradicating child labour, becoming carbon and forest positive and having 100% sustainable ingredients in all of their products. You can read more about Barry Callebaut’s Forever Chocolate strategy here.

We are proud that our main ingredient is sourced ethically and our hope is that more and more people start to understand this aspect of their chocolate treats.

Reuse & RecycleNotes
Bon Bon BoxOur luxurious chocolate box is made from premium packaging and
can be re-used over and over again for your chocolate and non-chocolate treats. The inner cavities are removable for more space.
If you feel the need to dispose of this gorgeous box then please
remove the magnets and labels and pop into your home recycling bin.
Treat & other bagsWe encourage you to re-use them for other treats and then when you are ready you can recycle them. Our bags are recyclable with the number “5” as their resin identification code. Check with your local council to see if you can put them in your home recycling bin or place them in a REDcycle bin
at your local supermarket.
Cardboard packaging (mailer box, treat
box, chocolate bar box)
Please remove stickers/labels and tape and pop into your recycling bin.
Thermal linerOur metalized layer is re-useable and is perfect for keeping your school or work lunches cold.
Ice packsOur ice packs are re-usable and recyclable. We encourage you to keep them in the freezer and re-use them over and
over again. When you are ready to dispose of them simply snip the corner, empty the contents into your garden to help soil retain moisture. Dispose of outer packaging thoughtfully.

We all love chocolate and we want it to be around forever. But to do that, sustainable chocolate should become the norm. That is why we’ve got to find bold new ways of doing business and bringing partners together to make it happen.